I am James, a third year student currently studying for a Bachelors Degree in Counselling and Coaching at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. See subject list below.

Volunteered over 1000 hours with Veterans 4 Youth, a military style boot camp for troubled youth. This involved 10 day live-in camps where I was instructing, mentoring, and doing some light counselling work with youth from ages 9 – 18 with conditions such as ADD, ADHD, ODD, ASD, depression, anxiety, and many more.  

Ex-military, served 13 years in the Royal Australian Army – Signals Corps – Information Systems Technician. My discharge rank was Sergeant. Deployed to East Timor, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Final deployment was as the Information Systems Manager (ISM) for all deployed forces on the ground in Afghanistan. Provided IT technical support alongside Engineers as part of the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Program (AACAP) in places such as Bamaga and Palm Island. 10 yrs Army Combat Fitness Leader (CFL) and 3 yrs Unit Adventure Training Leader (UATL).


Subject list

Bachelor Degree in Counselling and Coaching (Completed and Current)

♦ BESC1001 – Preparation for Academic Study (Completed)

♦ BESC1041 – Conflict Resolution (Completed)

♦ COUN1001 – Counselling Skills (Completed)

♦ BESC1051 – Positive Psychology (Completed)

♦ BESC1061 – Developmental Psychology (Completed)

♦ BESC1081 – Coaching Theory and Practice (Completed)

♦ BESC1071 – Psychology of Health and Wellness (Completed)

♦ BESC2081 – Cultural Diversity (Completed)

♦ COUN1051 – Counselling Theories 1 (Completed)

♦ BESC2001 – Social, Legal, and Ethical Frameworks (Completed)

♦ COUN2031 – Advanced Counselling Skills (Completed)

♦ COUN2041 – Alcohol and other drug counselling (Completed)

♦ COUN2051 – Mental health policy and practice (Completed)

♦ BESC3061 – Applied Social Research (Completed)

♦ BESC2091 – Coaching Applications (Completed)

♦ BESC2101 – Organisational Theory (Completed)

♦ COUN2061 – Counselling Theories 2 (Completed)

♦ BESC3071 – Group Work (Completed)

♦ BESC3101 – Life Coaching (Completed)

♦ BESC2931 – Advanced Positive Psychology (Completed)

♦ BESC3081 – Project 1 (Completed)

♦ BESC3091 – Project 2 (Completed)

♦ BESC3121 – Coaching Practice and Supervision (Current)

♦ COUN3031 – Counselling Placement and Supervision 1 (Current)