My name is James and I served for 13 years in the Royal Australian Army – Signals Corps. At the time of my discharge in 2011 I was at the rank of Sergeant. During my time I was also Combat Fitness Leader (CFL), Unit Adventure Training Leader (UATL), and deployed on operational tasks to East Timor, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I am married to an ex-serving member who medically discharged after 13 years. My father is a Vietnam Veteran who lived a life which I believe was plagued with un-diagnosed PTSD and comorbid substance abuse disorder (alcohol and cigarettes) which eventually killed him at the young age of 57. 

During my life I have screwed up tons of stuff starting with a failed marriage in the 20s, a child I wasn’t ready for, 13 years of child maintenance, having to explain to a 19 yr old daughter why I left and why I wasn’t there for her, post divorce girlfriend drama, gave up a United Nations medal and $10k to come back to Australia for a relationship that was over (dumb ass move), coming back from war like service with a dark cloud looming and the mindless alcoholic binge that followed, a second marriage which almost ended in divorce but turned it around with tons of hard work (from both of us).. I also had ‘holding onto shit’ issues from my kid days with a Vietnam Veteran father, alcoholism, abuse, parental divorce, not having a dad for support and to show me how to navigate world, and so on.. So yeah – I have been there and I know the pain and struggle from a male perspective.

I finally decided to stop being a victim of the world and start living a great life, do some awesome things, achieve some personal goals, create great lasting relationships with family and friends, and leave a great legacy for my kids. I also wanted to give more back to the world instead of just taking – therefore I decided that would help a few people do the same..

Currently I am completing my bachelors degree in counselling and coaching – although at this point I can only provide coaching as unlike counselling it is unregulated and I don’t need to have completely finished my studies to provide coaching.